Parent Distros

Swift Linux is based on MX Linux, MX Linux is based on antiX Linux, and antiX Linux is based on the stable branch of Debian Linux.

Source Code

The source code is on GitLab.

What does Swift Linux add to MX Linux?

Every edition of Swift Linux adds updates, KeePassXC, and special themed wallpaper for the login screen and desktop. Yes, every edition of Swift Linux is a special edition.

Did you invent Hannah Montana Linux?

No, that wasn’t me. However, I liked the idea. Because the person who invented Hannah Montana Linux abandoned the project, I decided to revive it.

Why did you pick MX Linux as the basis of Swift Linux?

Is there a regular edition of Swift Linux?

No, there is not. EVERY edition of Swift Linux is a special edition.

Why isn’t Swift Linux based directly on Debian?