Welcome to Swift Linux!

Changes are coming to Swift Linux! These changes include:

  • Based directly on Debian Stable: Being based directly on Debian will provide Swift Linux more flexibility. I was unable to add the superior driver/codec support of Linux Mint to antiX Linux. Removing GNOME from Linux Mint Debian Edition was an extremely hairy process due to dependency hell and is not a viable long-term solution for Swift Linux. Another problem with basing Swift Linux on a derivative distro was being extremely out-of-date, as the antiX/LMDE lagged Debian, and Swift Linux lagged antiX/LMDE. In the interest of stability and making it easier to stay up-to-date, future versions of Swift Linux will be based on Debian Stable instead of Debian Testing. Despite these changes, the spirit of antiX Linux and Linux Mint will remain in Swift Linux.
  • LXDE interface: The IceWM interface is very well-polished and user-friendly in antiX Linux, but replicating it without an antiX Linux base proved to be much more difficult than expected. IceWM doesn't offer as much support or as many tools out-of-the-box as LXDE does. SliTaz Linux proves that LXDE can be extremely lightweight as well as user-friendly.